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Kansas Hunting Lodge

The new balcony and front porch with a outdoor fire ring

The Xtreme Hunts Kansas Hunting Lodge is the right fit for an enjoyable hunt. In- and out-of-state hunters come to our Kansas Hunting Lodge for the quality hunting and the comfortable accommodations.

Xtreme Hunts can lodge small and large groups of hunters. In addition to premium hunting, you will enjoy a spacious living area, fully equipped kitchen, and private bedrooms in each room. Sit outside with friends, family, and other hunters and wind down after the big hunt. You’ll feel right at home in the Kansas Hunting Lodge.

Amenities include Direct- TV and wireless Internet, so bring your laptops and tablets devices and post photos of your Xtreme Hunts experience on our Facebook page!

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Kansas Hunters Check in Address
105 West 3rd Street
Hepler, KS 66746
Marti Kiser
Lodge Owner / Manager