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Kansas Turkey Hunts


Hello, Welcome to Xtreme Hunts!


Xtreme Hunts offers Spring Turkey Hunts on 15,000 acres of prime habitat, located in Turkey Management Unit 6 in Crawford and Bourbon counties. Southeast Kansas.


The Kansas turkey population has exploded over the last several years in southeast Kansas. This assures your Kansas turkey hunt will be action packed. We only allow a few groups per season to insure opportunity at success to all of our turkey hunters. We feel the most successful way to hunt our eastern turkeys is to set up and call them in to you.

In Kansas the turkeys start their breeding season in mid to late March and continue into late April and we will use that to our advantage during the hunt.


Southeast Kansas Turkey Hunt Strategy


Michael Gordon used Dr. Luv and Ms. Penny to hammer this Kansas long beard

Our hunters have had great success with Kansas turkey hunts and with the trophy whitetail deer hunts. We start your hunt with check in at the lodge and a warm smile from Marty, the lodge owner. She will never let you go hungry that’s for sure. Your hunt starts with scouting to check out your turkey hunting property and watch a few birds. After the scouting trip, you can set up a hunting strategy for the next day with your guide. Don’t worry if you are unsuccessful the first morning out because you are allowed to hunt all day in Kansas which lets you set up on the birds coming back to roost. The all-day hunting option greatly increases your success rate. The guides can assist you with harvest care of your turkey. Join us for a great turkey hunting experience with one of the best turkey hunting outfitters southeast Kansas has to offer!




Lodging: Our Kansas lodge is a 125 year old historic Ice House remodeled into a spacious and beautiful hunting lodge. Trust me if you bring your spouse as a non-hunting guest she will not want to go home. The lodge is set in a traditional Kansas Western style theme providing all the amenity’s of home along with that Kansas hospitality from Marti Kiser, lodge owner and your host, don’t worry about the food, Ms. Marti will make sure you eat western style cooking and have enough food for even the biggest appetite. A fully equipped kitchen is on site along with a washer and dryer for your convenience and a barbecue grill for grilling some turkey strips.


Mid-morning nap time



Comforts of home: We offer 2 hunters to a room with each room having there own personal facility’s, Shower, toilet and vanity, each room is equipped with your own 24″ flat screen with Direct TV and WI-Fi for the business man or the hunter that just wants a few minutes of personal time to surf the internet. If its privacy you want, we got you covered. Please take a minute and view the lodge photo’s at the link below.







Ladies only Spring Turkey Hunt

Long Beards & Wild Flowers

Women can bow hunt

Ladies only turkey hunt. A total of 4 lady hunters in camp at one time, so grab your girlfriend or girlfriends and come hunt some Kansas long beards.


See Our Kansas Lodging Here

Kansas Turkey Hero Shots

Turkey Testimonials


Southern girls know how to call up the long beards

Denise & Tony find a lonesome Gobbler


Jennifer Dewitt put the smack down on this Kansas Long beard

This lady can just straight up turkey hunt


Diamonds and Spurs




All smiles from Raelynn Richardson








2 days 2 long beards off the same clover food plot using Deception Decoys, I told you this lady could hunt.

Lady Luck




      Grab your girlfriends and let’s
      put some long beards down






The Ladies Hunt: There will only be women on this hunt, groups of 4-6 ladies or pairs of 2 women with a total of 4 in camp.


Cara is making a move on a long beard

Girls just wanna have fun

Ladies Turkey Hunt References:  

Courtney Riser Odgen 318-237-3410 LA,
Cara Holland 501-920-5086 AR,
Amelia Farrar 443-962-2244 VA,
Laurel Monaghan 484-288-9581 MT,


Here We Go

1st Annual Ladies Kansas Turkey Hunt

Yelp Yelp come here Mr. Long Beard

Just one more step




Just the Girls doing there thing in the woods






Amelia and Laurel going to setup on a roosted log beard

Look what I found turkey hunting


Knocking Them Down

Breath taking spring time strutters










Turkey tags are good for the entire spring season 4/9 to 5/31 Unsuccessful hunters may come back at a later date to try and fill there turkey permit for $200.00 a day with meals and lodging. Providing there is available openings


Beautiful Hy-Byrd Eastern/Rio

Kyle Hartman from Conway Arkansas laid down the long beards





















Note from the Outfitter: Hunters success depends on 3 key factors when turkey hunting Kansas with Xtreme Hunts, If you religiously practice the following 3 keys, success will be more favorable.

1. Listen to your guide.

2. Patients kills turkeys – Do not over call or run & gun the turkeys.

3. Remember that turkeys do not have a time schedule, leave enough time in your hunt to put your tag on his leg.


 ImportantWhen applying for a spring turkey permit/tag please make sure you apply for permits in turkey management unit #6.



Randy Barry from San Diego California

Mississippi boys cutting it lose on Mother Day


Turkey permits are now valid the day they are purchase from a license vendor in Kansas








There is a $200.00 penalty fee for any Jake’s that are killed

Turkey Permits and License

Carcass tags are no longer available to purchase online.

Spring turkey permits and game tags may be purchased at any vendor location or by phone
Phone Sales (800) 918-2877
from January 9 through May 31, 2018.

Turkey permits are now valid the day they are purchase from a license vendor in Kansas


The combo permits must be purchased by March 31, 2018

Nonresident Youth COMBO Permit/Game Tag: $22.50
Nonresident COMBO Permit/Game Tag: $87.50  2 Tags / license cost extra
Total Non Resident combo permit / game tag / license $190.65

Spring Turkey Fees if purchased after March 31, 2018
Nonresident Turkey Permit: $ 62.50 1st Tag
Nonresident Turkey Game Tag: $ 32.50 2nd Tag
2 Turkeys may be harvested with both Turkey Permit/Game Tag

Visit Kansas Outdoors for Permits/Rules and Regulation

In addition to your turkey permit and tag,
you MUST have a Kansas hunting license
Nonresident License $100.96 Total with convenience fees
Nonresident under 16: $42.50


Heading back to the truck





Kansas Turkey Hunting Date

Youth Hunt (16 years of age and younger)

4/1- 4/17/18  Youth/Disabled hunters only

Archery & Youth Only
(Compound/Crossbow /Youth Firearm)
4/9 – 4/17/18

(Shotgun/Muzzle Loader /Archery and Crossbow)

  4/18 – 5/31/18  Full Season





Meet Captain Hook







2018 Hunting Packages:

     Ladies only spring turkey hunt
2 Day semi guided $900.00 2 Hunters

2 Day semi guided couples hunt $900.00

2 Day semi guided 1 hunter $700.00

2 Day fully guided 1 hunter 1 guide $900.00

2 Day fully guided 2 hunters 1 guide $1500.00

2 day hunts start Monday noon to Wednesday noon




Steve {The Hit Man} Johnson with Dr. Luv




2018 Hunting Packages:

  Ladies only spring turkey hunt
3 Day semi guided $1350.00  2 Hunters

3 Day semi guided couples hunt $1350.00

 3 Day semi guided 1 hunter $1050.00

3 Day fully guided 1 hunter 1 guide $1350.00

3 Day fully guided  2 hunters 1 guided $1750.00

3 day hunts start Thursday noon to Sunday noon

Group Rate: 4 or more hunters 3 Day Semi Guided
with meals & lodging $950.00 per hunter.





 2 Bird limit / No trophy fee for the 2nd turkey harvest.

Groups of 4-6 hunters will have the entire lodge to themselves.

This group of Arkansas Duck hunters learned how to cut loose at the Ice House Lodge and Xtreme Hunts, Camp fires and Fellowship after a long days hunt is just what they were looking for when inquiring about a  Kansas Turkey Hunt.


There is a $200.00 penalty fee for any Jake’s that are killed


Bow Hunting Turkeys ROCKS

Couples Double Up














Tripled up in Kansas, come get yah some with Xtreme Hunts and the Ice House Lodge


All hunts include meals and lodging

          Kansas Turkey Hunt Reference’s

Michael Gordon 870-243-4737     Troy Wymer 501-416-4181
O.C Broome 601-606-5820            Randy Barry 619-981-3069
Clay Tassin 225-718-3435              Donald Rawls 601-441-1483
Greg Hartman 501-733-5390       Ted Burnett 479-871-0567
John Jennings 870-351-7684        Rich Boullie 501-626-2403
Cy DaQuila 225-718-0506             Lucas Rougeau 501-328-7955
Wayne Bozeman 334-549-3425    Dave Pekin 619-997-4112
Tony Harris 501-626-2969             Bobby Barrett 334-399-5383
Keith Thomas 334-612-1454         Vance Dietz 770-316-7948
John Carothers 334-303-8098      Ted Thomas 501-908-1801
John Wells 317-217-9780               Larry Willett  309-335-7030
Clay Rougeau 501-428-8868         Denise Drenth 269-217-0783
Ryan Breasbois 517-404-7475       Spencer Thomas 501-908-1374
Troy Larson 765-299-6849           Dan Schurg  307-332-7448
Brian Rowan 479-806-3138         Steve Johnson 562-201-1012
Fritz Jacobson 619-997-8032       Todd Thomas 501-786-2305

Kansas Hunters Check in Address
105 West 3rd Street
Hepler, KS 66746
Marti Kiser
Lodge Owner / Manager

For information
Tony May
(217) 440-5722