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Success of the Hunters

danWe are a Kansas and Illinois deer hunting outfitter with clients that  enjoy a continued high success rate while hunting trophy whitetails in both Illinois and Kansas. Our hunters have averaged a 40% harvest rate over several years while harvesting bucks averaging over 145”. Opportunity rates for hunters have been averaging over 60% including misses and the occasional wounded deer.

Our entire staff of Kansas and Illinois deer hunting outfitter professional guides work tirelessly over the entire season to give clients the best chance to harvest a mature buck. Hunters must come to camp prepared for all weather conditions and the knowledge that success doesn’t always happen on the first hunt. We have over 85% of our clients rebook each year and many have shot opportunities which they elect to pass on or harvest bucks each season by coming prepared to hunt the entire duration of the hunt.

Success can happen in a short period of seconds at the start of the hunt or the last minute of shooting light the last day.
 Your success is our success.