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Trophy Quality Whitetails

GEDC0147 We manage 23,000 acres of the best whitetail habitat throughout Illinois and Kansas. Trophy whitetail deer management starts with us and is something that we take great pride in. Our Illinois and Kansas whitetails have great genetics, with mature bucks scoring in the 160 to 190+ Boone and Crockett.

Biologists will tell you there is no real secret to growing trophy whitetails. It just takes good genetics, the right food, the right habitat, and proper management of the deer age and sex structure.  Having deer and producing trophy deer for hunters are two totally different things. We manage from the ground up by planting hundreds of acres of food plots ranging from 1-3 acre plots with a variety of clovers, oats and numerous types of brassica plants. The Illinois and Kansas cropland that is planted with corn, beans, and wheat gives our deer herds the nutrition needed to become mature trophy whitetails. The state of Kansas allows us to utilize a complete mineral program enhancing those deer even more. Our mixture of acorn enriched hardwood timbers, thickets, ravines, and CRP fields for bedding areas that holds deer herds on our hunting properties.