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Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts in Pike County Illinois and Kansas


We provide our trophy whitetail deer hunters in Pike County, Illinois and Kansas with a quality place to hunt and safe comfortable stands. We ensure hunters know their way to and from stands and we are even willing to escort hunters to the stand and exit quietly. Our clients are given all contact information for their respective guide allowing our hunters complete solitude on their hunts. Our guides will then allow you to hunt at your own pace. We do everything possible to eliminate scent prior to your hunt, so we ask that hunters hunt all day if at all possible to ensure your best opportunity for success. The midday travel pattern usually offers a high probability of success, so put your time in and enjoy harvesting the buck of a lifetime.

Your Illinois or Kansas trophy whitetail deer hunt begins on Sunday at noon when you will meet with the Xtreme staff to begin your hunt. You will have an orientation with the staff and meet your guide to go over the guidelines. Your guide will then take you to the lodge and get you settled in for the week. Your guide will show you trail cam pictures and a map of the property you will be hunting. That afternoon, he will then transport you to the stand for the evening hunt and each day through-out the week.

Our guides will track, recover, and field dress your trophy whitetail for you.

Upon request, we will cape out your trophy and prepare it for the taxidermist or your trip home.