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Carl Colson

I just wanted to take a few moments to let you know how pleased I am with my 2011 combo hunt. I thought that my past hunts with Xtreme Hunts were impossible to top, however this years hunt was truly off the chart. I saw lots of deer with quite a few being big shooter bucks. During my archery hunt I took an 11pt and a doe. During my gun hunt I took a 148in 8 pt that is the buck of my lifetime and also a doe. I found the stands to be set perfect for the type of wind I was hunting and well hidden. The 8pt was shot at 29 yards as I was getting a sandwich out to eat at 11:30 am! My guide Shane, was absolutely in touch with the deer on his farms that I hunted and clearly on top of his game! If there is anything I could ever say to other hunters who are looking to book a hunt and want success, it would be to book with Xtreme Hunts. If I can tell you anything, its this!!! LISTEN TO YOUR GUIDE! LISTEN TO YOUR GUIDE! IF YOU WANT TO PUT A BUCK IN THE TRUCK LISTEN TO YOUR GUIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its not easy but if your guide tells you that you need to stay all day, then do it. Its just a matter of time before the moment of truth walks by you. The Bucks were moving just as much during mid-day if not more than any other time of the day. Edwin and each and every person I have met who works for Xtreme Hunts have been, professional, caring and courteous. And I know they do everything within their power to make each hunters experience an XTREME HUNT! May God Bless You All


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