John Dickey

One of the reasons I chose Xtreme Hunts, was that Tony May responded to my request for information almost immediately. It was that first conversation that convinced me to go hunt with Tony! We seemed to click right away and he stayed in touch up until the day we began to hunt. And now having hunted with Tony May and Xtreme Hunts for the second time, I have never regretted choosing this outfitter. Tony worked hard putting me and the other hunters onto deer, and it wasn’t just his hard work, but it was the camaraderie that made my hunts very enjoyable and will take a lifetime of memories back home to Texas. Tony knows how to build a camp with hunters that can enjoy one another. And that compatibility with the other hunters is what will make your hunting trip a success, even if you do not bring home a trophy class deer. I would not hesitate to tell any hunter, that I highly recommend Tony May and Xtreme Hunts as your next outfitter


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