Kerry “Peewee” Lewis

“Let me just say this will be my 6th consecutive year hunting with Xtreme- Hunts. I have never hunted with another outfitter, I’ve never needed to. Xtreme Hunts, gives me the hunt im looking for every year. We have had some good times and I look forward to going back every year. I’ve hunted every season from early October to late December and I have seen shooters during every hunt thought all the the seasons. My best deer to date with Xtreme Hunts is a 156″ 8 point. If that’s not big enough for you , you may wanna find a high fence Outfitter. I have seen bigger bucks and have seen guys bring back bigger bucks to the skinning shed, but I know if I keep going back and putting my time in, my 180″ booner will be on my wall next to a couple more I have killed with Xtreme Hunts. c-ya there!!!”


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