Paul Hull

Edwin, I am obligated to tell you about my hunting experience with Xtreme Hunts. To be fair, more correctly with Tony May as a person as well as a guide. First let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Paul Hull. I will be 67 in mid January of 2012. I have been hunting since I was 6 and deer hunting since I was 16 (in North Carolina you had to be 16 back then to deer hunt). When I booked my cross bow hunt, I told Tony that I really did not have a lot of physical/medical problems. I told him that I was slow in getting around but that I can still hunt from ladder stands. I do have pain in my hips and lower back (grew up on a farm. Like an idiot I tried to keep up with the men when it came to lifting etc.) Enough about my history. I have been on several “paid” hunts. Tony, meet me and gave a feeling that he had known me for years or possibly that I was a family member. Unlike the other hunts that I have gone on that gave the feeling that I was just a “job” that had to be done because I had spent some money with them. Never was I given any help or offered any with my gear getting to and from my hunting stands with the other hunting Outfitters I hunted with I dropped my cross bow from my stand while getting down and broke the stock completely off and I thought my hunt was over with on the 1st night out, Tony went to the hard ware store and fixed my cross bow and had me back in the stand and never missed a hunt. Tony, made every effort to make it easy for me to get to and from my hunting stands. (The stands that I hunted were all in very good shape, and easy for me to get into and out-of). I am slow in walking to and from the stand (stopping to rest every now and then). Tony, never rushed me (he even carried my day pack and gear) on occasion he would even ask if I needed to stop and rest. Never have I felt so comfortable with a guide or Outfitter on any of the other paid hunts I was on I had to tell you how great I was treated on my hunt as a person and yes even as a friend. If all of your guides, are of this caliber Xtreme Hunts can do nothing but be a great success. No, I did not kill a deer. It was still the BEST hunt with a guide that I have ever been on. I just retired, and do not know if I can afford to hunt with you and Tony again, but if God willing I will. Thanks for the experience and the making of a good friend.


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