Bill Gilmartin

If you are looking to harvest a mature buck of a lifetime, look no further than Xtreme Hunts. They have what many outfitters lack – low pressure properties in the best areas of Pike County and incredibly knowledgeable guides that put in the hard work needed to stack the odds of success in your favor.

I hunted with Tony May on a combo hunt during the first week of November and the first gun season a few weeks later. Tony is a first class knowledgeable guide that knows his properties inside and out and each farm had numerous stands that could be hunted based on the wind direction. He truly cares about you having a successful hunt and an enjoyable time when in camp.
During the bow hunt, although I didn’t harvest a buck, I had 140″ borderline shooter’s in range that I let pass. I also saw many of next year’s shooters that will truly be Giants in 2017. We had to deal with 80 degree weather all week yet during every sit, I was on the deer because of Tony’s hard work knowledge of the whitetail deer.
I came back to hunt the first gun season and Tony was my guide again. We sat down and came up with a game plan based on trail cam pics and long range scouting. Despite the first two days of a 3 day gun hunt we had 25-30 mph winds.
Day 1 I saw 15 deer and 3 bucks, no shooters. We knew the deer were using this creek bottom to move between food and bedding and just needed to put in the time and keep the wind in our favor. Day 2 I sat in the same creek bottom and saw 60 deer and 12 were really good bucks. Day 3 went back to the same stand from the previous day and harvested a mature 5 1/2 year old 8 point buck at 9:00am. This 8 pointer was the 6th buck I saw that morning!
I attribute my success to four factors:
1. Listen to your guide and put in the time on the stand. You’ll be surprised to see deer move all day in Pike County under the right conditions.
2. Hunt where the big ones live. You can’t beat Pike County for opportunities on mature whitetails.
3. Hunt with reputable outfitter and guide that puts their clients first. Xtreme Hunts has the right properties and goes above and beyond to help you harvest a mature buck.
4. Being a Pittsburgh Steelers fan will also STACK the odds of success in your favor when your hunting with Tony
Can’t wait for 2017 as I will be back to hunt with Tony May and Xtreme Hunts.


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