Butch & Tammy Williams

Hey hunters! I thought I would share my visit with Xtreme Hunts with all of you who are thinking of hunting in Pike County, Illinois. My hunt, a 5 day rut hunt, was supposed to start on November 5, 2012 and last until November 9. My wife and I decided to leave 2 weeks earlier and ride up the east coast to see some places that we have always wanted to visit. Due to Hurricane Sandy, that was cut short. We arrived in Pike County Illinois a week earlier, so I called Tony with Xtreme Hunts to see if they had a place for me and my wife to stay. After a few calls, they had us set up. We arrived at what is known as the Redneck Retreat, and being from Alabama, it was a fitting name for a place to stay! After a couple of hours my guide “Tony May” shows up and tells me to get my binoculars and let’s go. “Go where?” I said. “Go scouting for your hunt!” I wasted no time and jumped in the truck and off we went, leaving my wife to unpack the truck. What was I thinking? My guide Tony May and I have been hunting together for 6 years, so we talked about old times, and we were already making new memories. In the following days we rode, walked, and hung stands on fresh deer sign for me and the other hunters that were arriving, it was like, Hey!! there’s new buck sign lets hang a stand and put someone in there to kill a deer… Man, you talking about getting the true experience of the hunt! I was in heaven! Well, my hunt came and went and I did not release my arrow, but I’m not complaining. I got to see other hunters harvest their first Illinois deer, seen bucks everyday, and I shared camp with some great people. I left there with memories for a lifetime. I’ll be back next year, and my wife and I look forward to sharing camp with other hunters that share a love for this great sport we call deer hunting. If God’s willing, maybe I’ll harvest a big Illinois buck. So if you are looking for a great place to hunt with guides that really care about making your hunt a true hunting experience, I recommend Tony May and Xtreme Hunts. See ya there!


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