Eric Emiliani

“Xtreme Hunts is by far and away the best hunting experience you will ever have in your life. It’s a no frills hunt with huge deer around ever corner at an affordable price. My guide Scott put me on deer every single day including a 15 yard shot at a 155 class 8 pointer. My bow bumped the stand and I missed the deer. Two nights later Scott had me back on 2 monsters. Unfortunately, they did not turn and broadside and offer me a shot. The best part of the hunt was the camaraderie with the Xtreme staff. The guides were great, Tony, Scott, Tyler,Rich, Shane and boy do they know the deer. You can set your watch on Scotts predictions. The man that makes it all possible, owner Edwin Harpole, stopped by camp every night to ensure the hunt went well. That’s right, the owner himself. I can’t say enough about him. He is just a great person offering unbelievable hunts at a price even a blue collar guy like myself can afford. I arrived at camp a paying hunter but I left the camp feeling like part of the Xtreme family just like Tony May said on the phone. I’ll sum it up like this, if you want to shoot pool, drink all night at a fancy lodge, and shoot 125’s….Go to one of the other many Pike County commercial outfitters. But if you want to hunt hard, kill monster bucks, and make great friends then Xtreme Hunts is the answer! Good luck Edwin and the Xtreme family for the 2011-2012 season. Hope to see you again real soon.”


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