Ryan Vermillion

After hunting with many different, and well know outfitters across the Mid-West for Whitetail Deer Hunts, I have found one that I call home. To harvest big mature bucks, you have to have great land with limited pressure, food year round, stand locations for ever wind, and guides that understand the deer movement on their pieces, and that is exactly what Tony May and Xtreme Hunts offers to clients. They put the odds in the hunters favor. Every outfitter will promise you these things, but its hard to find one that actually delivers on the promise. It is why they re-book 85% Plus of their hunters. I have been blessed to have great memories with Tony May over the past few years as my guide and all the guys at Xtreme Hunts over the past few years, including an encounter with a 208 inch P&Y buck. Trust goes a long way in the outfitting business, and I am glad I put mine with Tony May and Xtreme Hunts.


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