Shane Dixon

My nephew and I booked a bow hunt with Xteme Hunts for the week of Nov. 5-9 2012. This was our first ever guided hunt anywhere. We wanted a chance a big buck unlike we would see in Arkansas. We decided on Pike County, IL. I did research the best I could but I was still kind of nervous about how the outfitter was going to turn out. It turned out great. Our guide Tony May worked hard to get us on deer. We saw shooter bucks almost everyday. I had several encounters I will never forget. I could not get a shooter in bow range. That does not change the fact that Xtreme Hunts has big bucks on all there farms and plenty of them. I wish I could go every year and hunt everyday there. My nephew was able to shoot a 141 Pope and Young buck. If your looking in IL, you can’t go wrong with Xtreme Hunts. They spend there time and money on getting you in front of big bucks. There is lodging, but not the giant lodges that are there to push numbers of hunters through there property. Xtreme Hunts is all about the HUNT, not the food and lodge. Overall, it was a great hunt with a great outfitter, that has great buck.


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