Stephen Grabuski

In booking an out of state hunt there were three important things I was concerned with. First was to hunt with quality and experienced guides, second was quality of whitetails and properties to hunt and third was accommodations and the feeling of a true hunting camp environment. At Xtreme Hunts, all three of these items were exceeded and then some. Xtreme has highly experienced quality guides that work very hard to put you in the best possible situation to be successful. I hunt with Tony May and cannot say enough about him as a guide and person. Right from the start it seemed Tony and I connected. I knew that I could call Tony and he would pick up and talk deer hunting with me. Each time Tony puts me in a stand, I truly feel he is giving me the best opportunity to be successful. Tony is extremely personable and knowledgeable when it comes to deer hunting and great to have around on a hunting trip. Bottom line is no one will work harder for you, and when booking a hunt, to have someone like that on your side, is priceless. The quality and number of deer on Xtreme Hunts properties is second to none. On my hunt, I never had a sit on stand where I did not see several deer, including some nice bucks. I have already re-booked and will again be out there during the rut. If you are looking for a great hunt, not only in the tree stand but out of it as well, with the opportunity existing of truly seeing and harvesting a mature buck, Xtreme Hunts is where you need to be.


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